Infallible Pour Over

Sometimes you wake up and you just don't want to duel with the latte machine.  You just want the pure caffeine.  Immediately.  Enter the pour easy way to get your glorious cup of coffee with minimal work. You need hot water; preferably in the 209 degree (F) range.  You need a V60  cone shaped … Continue reading Infallible Pour Over

Espresso love

Making the perfect espresso Firstly, you should have a naked portafilter.  That's right.  A bottomless portafilter is by far the coolest way to make espresso, and not only does it give you mad hipster points, it means your crema will be the perfect canvas for latte art. To extract the perfect crema from your naked … Continue reading Espresso love

Flatbed Coffee Co.

Bringing artisan, single origin coffee to the parched cyclists of Northern California By now you might have seen my sleek truck, Flatbed, rumbling around the local Santa Cruz area.  More often than not, Flatbed can be seen at local races and sports events, happy in her natural habitat surrounded by dirty cyclocross enthusiasts, grinning ear … Continue reading Flatbed Coffee Co.