Flatbed does a Demo Day

When I’m not thinking about coffee, I’m usually thinking about riding my bike.  Thus, it was only fitting that our first catered event was with Scotts Valley Cycle Sport, a local bike shop dedicated to bringing all cyclists the best experience possible.

SVCS was hosting a demo day in conjunction with Specialized.  This meant that lots of new potential customers would be coming through the shop throughout the day to test out various different bikes.  To kickstart the event, co-owner Brittany organized a morning mountain bike ride, scheduled to start at the crack of dawn, around 8 am.  The coolest thing about the ride was that it was geared towards high schoolers.  Although this might be a surprise to some, Brittany is a coach for the Santa Cruz Mountains High School cycling team and so it was quite normal to have a large group of mid-teenagers hanging round the bike shop before the doors opened.

Flatbed rolled up just as the last high schoolers were getting ready, and immediately, parents in need of some extra coffee drifted over to see what was to offer.  The Iveta chocolate chip scones were a huge hit, especially with the little brothers and sisters of the teenagers.  The coffee though?  It sold out like cupcakes at a birthday party.  Within three hours we sold over 50 cups of coffee and by 1 pm, our hoppers were clean as a whistle.  Not only did the early morning cyclists enjoy the coffee, on the house, but the clients coming to visit the shop had a first class experience with coffee, scones, and a stress free environment to pick their new bike.

Thanks Scotts Valley Cycle Sport for hosting a Demo Day and for inviting us to bring our coffee to your customers.

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