Do you Venmo?!

“So tell us about your Chevy 1920’s truck over there!” The young announcer grinned cheekily at me and handed over the mic.  After a quick intro, clarifying that no, it was a 1952 Dodge truck, I announced that we were ready to serve coffee and tea, and to come on over and check it out.

We’d just set up at the UCSC Slugapolooza crit course near Salinas airport.  Collegiate cyclists were kitting up, pinning numbers, and generally rushing around misplacing water bottles and lining up for the portapotties.

4 hours later, we had served over 50 cups of steaming coffee (and one hot chocolate) and added a new payment method to our list of accepted payments.  Enter, Venmo.

Apparently, Venmo has taken over where Paypal left off.  Instead of the pay-and-be-done dashboard presented by Paypal, Venmo has a newsfeed where friends interact solely based on their purchases.  It tells your friends when you pay for something, and subsequently piques their curiosity if the friend’s new purchase is of interest.  This means, when one person buys coffee with Venmo, it’s likely that his or her 10 cyclist friends will come buy coffee with Venmo as well.

In keeping with our old-school Flatbed vibe, and being a faithful Paypal user, I wasn’t so sure another app-based payment system was really necessary.  After downloading it to serve that one customer without cash or card, the influx of Venmo-happy customers convinced me that this payment method was not only quick, but also the way of the future.

No money?  No worries!  Pay us @flatbedcoffeeco using Venmo!


2 thoughts on “Do you Venmo?!

  1. Vicki Costello says:

    We are putting on a Cutting horse event at the Santa Cruz County fairgrounds July 4-7, 2019. I know this is late notice but worth a shot as we have already sold 230 stalls for this event and a lot of early morning coffee drinkers.
    If interested please contact me
    Thank you
    Vicki Costello
    Outback Cuttings/Facebook

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