The CoffeeBar Happy Hour

I thought the idea of a happy hour was odd. When the beverage in question is coffee, who wants to be supremely caffeinated in the early hours of the evening?? However, come 4pm and a silent blizzard of snow, I was definitely intrigued. We were facing a long drive home and the advertised $2 coffee had caught my eye when we visited this cool coffee stop earlier in the weekend. I thought it would be the usual 10 oz drip coffee, slightly sloppy but cheap. When we hurried inside, shedding small snowballs from our coats, the baristas warmly greeted us and clarified that ANY coffee was $2. Even the four shot latte meticulously crafted just like this morning?!?

If you’re in Truckee, you should do yourself a favor and check this spot out. I was suspicious at first; extremely good coffee, cool vibe, not trying too hard, fits right in to old town Truckee. I figured we got lucky with a 9.5 out of 10 latte on the first try. When we returned the next day, it was just as good, if not better. Curious to try a third cup (in the name of having a decent sample size), I convinced my car mate that we should try the happy hour prior to spending multiple hours in the car driving home. EVEN THEIR HAPPY HOUR COFFEE KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF!!!!!

Yeahp. This coffee bar means business. Check it out. From one coffee shop to another…mad props.

Jibboom St, tucked away behind old town truckee with decent parking and ample seating inside.  PS….best muffins I’ve ever tried, and they are gluten free (what?! crazy, I know).

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