Infallible Pour Over

Sometimes you wake up and you just don’t want to duel with the latte machine.  You just want the pure caffeine.  Immediately.  Enter the pour over….an easy way to get your glorious cup of coffee with minimal work.

You need hot water; preferably in the 209 degree (F) range.  You need a V60  cone shaped pour over.  Trust me, the other options are great but this one; this is one is fantastic.  I get the number 2 filters.  You get whatever floats your boat.

Two things are key here: consistently hot water and a good, fresh coffee grind.  Some people pontificate about the merits of pre-wetting your filter but I double dog dare you to taste the difference.  I wet my filter if I have time and don’t if I don’t.  However, I do weigh out my beans.  Plopping them onto the scale, I weigh out at least 21 grams.  This goes into your (epicly amazing) ceramic burr grinder (no hipster baristo, the hand grinder DOES NOT produce the most even perfect grind) and grind till you get a coarser-than latte but finer-than-french press, consistent grind.  We’re being real here, not necessarily absolute.  This grind goes into your (wet?) filter.

Now that your water is hot, gently start to pour in an even stream, drawing a circle on the mound of grind.  Your grind will bloom if you have decently fresh coffee.  Let the grounds bloom (grow upwards like a flower) for a few seconds and then keep slowly pouring.  If you have a temperature moderating kettle, put it back between the pours at a held temp of 209.  Your cup is ready when you use roughly twice as much water as coffee.  This equates to a 10 oz cup or 350 grams of coffee for the nerds of the world out there.

The whole pour should take about 2-3 minutes.  The prep should take about two with practice!  Enjoy!!

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