Flatbed Coffee Co.

Bringing artisan, single origin coffee to the parched cyclists of Northern California

By now you might have seen my sleek truck, Flatbed, rumbling around the local Santa Cruz area.  More often than not, Flatbed can be seen at local races and sports events, happy in her natural habitat surrounded by dirty cyclocross enthusiasts, grinning ear to ear.  Or parked, ready to serve the energized runners pouring out of Niscene Marks in the early morning fog, discussing the latest race results over a steaming cuppa.  The common thread here?  Happy people, enjoying the great outdoors, drinking a steaming cup of coffee or tea.

If you have an event that lends itself to delicious coffee, tea, or cocoa consumption, or if you have questions regarding coffee beans for sale, feel free to email me at flatbedcoffee@gmail.com and we can hash out the logistics and schedule for your event or get a bag of the latest and greatest coffee, roasted freshly just for you.  Check us out on instagram @flatbedcoffee to get a virtual taste of what we do!

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